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Team of Industrial Engineers

We specialize in Industrial and Commercial construction, having more than 30 years of experience and stability in the development of Industrial Projects, mostly pharmaceuticals.

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Our Services

Our Services

As General Contractors we self perform in the Civil and Architectural disciplines and subcontract the following disciplines as required:
1. Insulation
2. HVAC Ductwork
3. HVAC Test & Balance
4. Painting
5. Structural
6. HVAC Controls
7. Electrical
8. Instrumentation
9. Roofing
10. Epoxy Applications
11. Fire Protection
12. Tubular Scaffolding

Mechanical Contractors

We specialize in the following mechanical systems for process and utilities:

1. Orbital welding for Stainless Steel Sanitary Tubing – our welding equipment is inspected and certified annually with the proper documentation at hand for immediate use.
2. Autoclaves Equipment Installation
3. Stainless Steel Piping
4. Carbon Steel Piping
5. Copper Piping and Tubing
6. Teflon Lined Carbon Steel Piping
7. Teflon Lined Stainless Steel Piping
8. Fiberglass Piping
9. High Density Polypropylene (Plastic by Resistance)
10. High Density Polypropylene (Plastic by Fusion)
11. Hastelloy Piping – C22 and C276
12. Equipment Rigging and Installation
a. Air Handling Units
b. Chillers
c. Cooling Towers
d. Dust Collectors
e. Boilers
f. Glass Lined Reactors
g. Stainless Steel Reactors
h. Hastelloy Reactors
i. LPG Gas Tank
j. Demolition and removal of mechanical systems
k. Boilers Installation
l. Diesel and gas tanks

Commercial Construction

We work with the designing, renovating and building of commercial structures like:

Small-scale construction referring to the fixing sewage systems, remodeling and renovating buildings’ interiors and exteriors.

Medium-scale construction like upgrading, expanding space and building projects from the ground up.

Large scale construction projects as the development of hotels, airports, government buildings, roads and skyscrapers.

Industrial Construction

We work with the design, installation, and maintenance of mechanical and structural components of factories, power plants, warehouses, and other highly specialized facilities.

Ready to meet with us?

ProTech Engineers Co., Inc. has been established in the Pharmaceutical and Industrial markets for over thirty-five years now. Our main objectives in the industry are to meet and exceed our client’s needs in a safe, cost effective quality oriented manner.

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